Hi Maureen!

I wanted to let you know what a great job you did in helping me and my neighbors in appealing our real estate taxes this past summer.  Your report was submitted in a timely manner and was very professional.  In fact, when I submitted this report to the County Tax Assessor, they commented that your report was "one of the most professional reports we've received."  The final result was that my wife and I saved a little over $3,000 in our annual real estate tax bill.  In fact, all the neighbors who hired you were able to save money.  Thanks again.  I would highly recommend you to anyone interested in appealing their taxes!

Again, thanks for your input not only in the final results, but answering all my questions on taxes and the appeal process!  I appreciated the way you put things in “layman's terms”.  A professional job all the way around!

Chris Roberts, Chester Springs, PA


Good Morning Maureen

Just wanted to write a thank you for the excellent work on our tax appeal.  Your service was very courteous, professional and honest.  At first, we were apprehensive and we weren't sure if we were eligible for an appeal or even how the process worked.  But after contacting you, you put us at ease and always were available to answer our numerous questions.  The report you prepared was very thorough and included many recent comparison area properties to help prove our case.  Meeting with the county tax assessor was a breeze since you had prepared us for what to expect and what paperwork they required.  We all think we know what our house is worth and could have attempted to do the appeal on our own, but we would only have been able to guess at a fraction of what you as a professional could prove.   Thanks again for all your help!

Bob & Mary T.
Buckingham, PA


I just wanted to thank you for your great service and help in getting our real estate tax appeal put together so quickly.  You came out immediately when we called, since we were close to the county deadline, and got the appraisal back to us in 1 day.  I can't thank you enough for your help in putting everything together and guiding us through the process of the appeal application, you really made it easy for us, and I'm happy to report our appeal was approved and we are saving over $800 per year in real estate taxes!  Thank you Maureen!!
Steve B.
Langhorne, PA

Hi Maureen,

I just wanted to let you know that the appeals board hearing went exactly as you said it would. It took about 5 min and they only looked at the appraisal which they did not question. They agreed with your value of the house and will reduce the property assessed value and taxes appropriately. Thanks for your help and your valuable advice. I will pass your name on to neighbors that may be interested in appealing their assessments. 

Best regards,
Joe M.

Thanks so much for doing the property appraisal for us. You obviously spent alot of time putting together a very complete and very professional package of information. We certainly appreciate your efforts. It was very nice meeting you. We will certainly keep you in mind for future appraisal needs. Have a great summer.
Jim & Audrey T.
Jamison, PA


Dear Maureen.

Just a quick poem to thank you for all of your hard work on the Kline Appraisal.


Maureen, Maureen…thank God that you’re there,

A beacon of hope to loan officers everywhere!

Our clients think their homes are worth a great ransom…

But some of their houses are not so damn handsome!

Over 100 acres,

Are they selling to Quakers?

Is that mold that I see,

No, that’s not ok with me!

Non-Conforming’s not a real treat,

Especially in Rydal – running you off your feet!

Hello, “Mr. Zoning Official”…what’s the deal with 50/50 rules?

In XXXXXXX Township, are you just a bunch of fools?

No matter the hardship or annoying stipulation,

You manage to come through for us… without aggravation!

So thank you Maureen… Our “Superstar Appraiser”,

You saved the Kline loan…you’re our little Savior!

Thanks again for all of your hard work!



Rena Margulies

Senior Loan Originator

Prime Lending

139 E. Marshall Street

West Chester, PA 19380

610-420-5164 Cell

610-430-6901 Office

610-692-8745 Fax


 Hi Maureen -

Thanks for your very professional help. Things turned out great. The Bucks County Board of Assessment Appeals accepted your very professional report and obviously were convinced of its merit. I received a very substantial assessment change resulting in over $2000.00 decrease in my annual real estate taxes. Wow!! I'm a happy camper. Thanks again and of course I will keep you in mind and recommend you to friends and neighbors. Have a great Christmas.

vic voegtle